Monday, June 8, 2009

Day 11

8:30 PM
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Today I arrived at the mine at 7:00 AM to start my second class. One of the trucks had been down on the fuel dock for about 12 hours but the mine technicians could not repair it. I then I was asked to help. I asked for a set of prints and a volt/ohm meter to trouble shoot the problem. This mine has a total of 3,000 people working here, about 40 mechanics in the truck shop. They had to go into the field and get a ohm/meter from the electrician, the prints could not be located and the hand tools could not be used until the other technician gets done with them. They say the mine is making money, but I do not know how. After waiting about an hour for the tools we found the fuel shut off solenoid was open. I then removed the holding spring out of the solenoid, started and moved the truck. I was told a new solenoid would take 21 days to receive. I said "Order it from the states and get it flown in on next day air". No response yet from the mine.

Around 9:00 AM I met my new students. There were eight total and all new hires, their first day on the job. They did not go through the safety training and were sent directly to me. They have a mechanical background, but have never been around mining equipment or Komatsu for that matter. Even with those disadvantages they seem to pick up on some of the information. We could not do the hands on training because their safety gear has not been issued. The biggest obstruction to making money, is the lack of committment in trying to make improvements from the management.

I was told last Friday the mines shop supervisors and senior technicians will be in this week's class. This did not happen! I cannot understand why they pay the money to have us over here and not USE US!!!! Oh well, I will do the best for the week and leave them to themselves.

The attached photos are of the water falls (ha,ha) we were told we just HAD to see.
The single photo is of Nick the Cat rep. He is 6 foot 8 inches tall weights 320 pounds. You should see him in the little shop trucks they run.

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