Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day 15 - Final Day of Classes

6:30 PM

The final day! We finished up the class and tried to give the final test but again the people speak and understand English but have a hard time reading. I gave up after 3 hours then we said our goodbyes . The mine managers would not put their supervisors in the classes so they asked if I would give one supervisor a crash course. We set at the bar at the hotel and I hit the high points of the course. It took about four hours in between all the interruptions we had.

We will be leaving at 9:00AM on Saturday. The mine is not going to fly us to Ndola, so it's a 4-6 hour trip back over the road from hell. We will then be leaving Johannesburg South Africa at 9:00 PM for a 17 hours flight to Atlanta and then 4 more hours to Salt Lake. I made a lot of friends here and most of them want me to help them get into America. One student just got his first car (1972 Toyota) and he is a very happy man at present. Gas cost is around $5.50 /gallon. He said "I hope with my new job I will be able to buy more things for my family". Miners make about $500.00 / month. That's 100 time more than the average.

* Attached is pictures of the class trying to take the test
* The man I gave the glasses to
* One of the beautiful trees along the road.

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