Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 7

Thursday 06/05/09 9:00 PM
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Today was a good day, but not much to report on. The mine had the two trucks hit head on last night. One driver was high on drugs, lucky the drivers were not hurt. I've been here for seven days total and the mine has wrecked trucks on four of those days. The Komatsu truck that was hit by the loader last night and is back in service. Today I had hands on training with the trucks and the students and they are really understanding the systems. I keep asking questions and they had the right answer. After I showed them something I ask them "A-CUM-WA" this is understand in Zambian. I asked them at the start of the class to teach me some of their language. Felix said I was the only white man that asks how to speak our language. It's a good ice breaker and puts people at ease. I had to repeat it for a couple of days before I go the right accent on the word (a hillbilly trying to speak Zambian sounds a little different than the locals). Tomorrow they are going to tell me what excellent is. I asked and they said that this word is not in their language but they will ask around for a word close to it.

One of the TV channels is Aljazeera (muslin TV) and I can see why the people are so against America. The Obama trip was the big story and every word and interview was anti-American.

The mine wants me to work the weekend and put on a condensed course. The supervisor said we should use me all they can while I am here. I said to myself, "If the training is so important to the mine why did I sit around on Monday? The mine had no students to send and nothing organized for the training".

We stopped by a road side shop and checked out the wood carvings that the man has done. There was some very talented and beautiful work. I did not have any Kwacha with me and told him I will be back. He said "You promise boss". Very cheap item in American dollars.

Talk again tomorrow.

photos are of the road side shops and a 15 foot high ant hill.

Jim, Barry and I on hotel deck

School girls going home

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