Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 8

5:00 PM
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Finished up the first class. The students took the final test and did real well. They picked up the maintenance of these trucks very fast. Danny, the youngest student (19) said he had to work at 2300 tomorrow and then he could go home to Ndola about 150 miles away and see his family. I ask how many kids he has and he told me two; a 4 year old girl, and a 2 week old boy. I asked have you seen you new baby he said no that's why he wants to go home on Sunday. He got married at 14 and his wife was 12.

I was called to the maintenance office around 1500 and was told that the weekend training was off. This place is so unorganized I can't see how they make any money.
I asked "Do you have the number of students for next week"?
"You will have to wait till Monday" was the reply.
We spent most of the night trying to get a price for the extra training from the states, because the mine needed the price by 7:00 AM today. Lots of time was wasted. They did let us have a car so we are going to sight see some of the country. About 100 KM away is a park with a water falls and an animal reserve.

We dropped by a golf course and housing project the mine has set up for the X-pats to live. A great place to stay. The mine is building houses and people move as soon as they are finished. I was told for my next trip they will let me stay in one of the houses. I didn't know I was coming back!?

We stopped by the road side shop that we visited yesterday to buy some gifts. The man who did the carvings was very thankful for our trade. I guess the three of us spent K 300,000 sounds like a lot, it's less that $70 dollars. I was told that he average about $50 a month.

Check out the photos:
Early morning breakfast for the locals outside the motel wall.
Sunrise (around 5:30 AM).
RONHUT means control center.
Wood carving gifts I paid about $35.

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