Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 13

8:00 PM

I had a good day in the training class. The guy I gave the glasses to had his wife make a special case for them. He really is protective of them. The men all like the chocolates. They've had some candy in the local stores but the American chocolates are the best they say.

The regional service rep. from Komatsu was at the mine for a day. I had a little meeting with him about some of the problems the trucks are having. The man is a Frenchman and he comes with a Frenchman attitude. After I was done with my presentation he told me "You must input a TSI (a technical service information) to me, Japan and Komatsu America and you must do it today". I am not to fond of the French anyway, so I was getting a little put out.
I keep my cool and said "Yes I will it will cost you $100.00 /hour".
"What do you mean"? He asked.
"I do not work for you, Japan on Komatsu America, I am a private contractor and will be glade to input your TSI for pay".
He did not reply but by his expression I could tell he was mad and wanted to sat something. He stayed on the mine site for a few more hours and then had to go back to France. But before he left shook hands and let the issue die. We then exchanged business cards and said our farewells. He told Barry, who took him to the airport "I don't understand Americans? They always want pay for their work. They are very independent". He did say the training is the best he has seen and took one of my manuals and said he will request me in the future for training.

The mine insured me I would have their maintenance supervisor in the class today. That didn't happen. I was told tomorrow for sure he will attend. I would not bet on it. I got into the shower this morning around 5:00AM and had a visitor, a big brown spider. I don't know if it was harmful, at lease this one is not harmful any more. Attached is the recently alive spider, the class checking steering pressures, and for you Mark this is how they collect oil samples. Looks like a lot better system than you had (ha! ha! ha!)

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