Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 14

9:00 PM

Today was the final full day of class #2. I spent all day in the class room, but no hands on training. The class is doing well not having any exposure on mining equipment. The supervisor that was to be in class didn't show up. I was told he would be in class tomorrow, I said we are going to work 1/2 day and testing the students. I was told to conduct a crash course in the afternoon on Friday.

I showed the pictures of the spider that was in my bathroom yesterday to the students. I was told the name of the spider (octo something) I asked if it was dangerous? It can kill small children and small animals, but it only hurts an adult. So I was told.

I overheard today that one of the South Africans from the mine, hit and killed one of the locals. The driver said the man was on a bike and drove in front of him.

We also had a brush fire just outside the hotel. The locals burn the grass in small areas to help clear the ground. I guess the fire got out of control. The fire reached the driveway and burnt it's self out. We had a lot of nervous people here.

We will talk again.

* Attached is pictures of the fire
* The meal at the Indonesian's home - the skinny chickens and fish heads.
* The little girl is a grand daughter of one of the local trainers.

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