Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day 5

Day 5
9:30 PM 06/02/09
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Finally, I got three students in the class. The ice was broken once they realized that I will not snap their heads off if they don't understand the first time I present the materials. They are eager to learn, but little understanding of the basics. I did get a truck to work on in the afternoon for hands on training. The weather is very hot, along with red thick dust blowing around and the African sun is brutal other than that things are great. I must have drank 3 gallons of water today. The students could not understand why I was sweating so much "IT'S WINTER TIME" they told me. I guess I am lucky the classes are not being held in the summer.

The equipment is very poorly maintained, not only Komatsu's, all of the equipment. When I showed the students some of the items what the on-board computers can do for them, they were total amazed what could be done. I hope what they learned will stick and they will use it.

On the way back to the hotel we came upon some Spring Deer. They are African antelope that can jump a 10 foot fences and run is short distances at 45 MPH. They have a beautiful set of horns.

Today I decided to get some local money for small store items instead of using the credit cards. I got $100.00 changed into Zambian Kwacha. The exchange rate is K 5,230.00 to 1 US dollar. It's a great feeling to have 500,000.00 bills in your pocket! A cheese burger, drink and fries cost K 45,000 ($8.60 US). I was told by the CAT representative to be sure to shake my shoes, clothing etc. at the start of the day. The bugs like to find warmer places to hide in the winter. When I grabbed a clean folded towel this morning a large black spider jumped out. I told the representative I was expecting a lot more insects at the motel. Compared to Tanzania, the bugs are not bad here. He said because most of the westerners stay at this hotel, so the mine sprays for insects twice a day.

Pictures of a Spring Deer.

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